Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Our pallets have Almost Zero Carbon Footprint.


AIRDEX Pallets

AIRDEX AIRpallet Specifically designed for air freight. Learn more...

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Wood Pallets

We have compiled information and articles to help you explore the environmental and safety concerns with wood pallets. Read more...

This is what you've been waiting for... (Video Transcript)

The world's lightest airfreight pallet, at just 7 - 10 pounds.

It's completely safe and completely green.

It's shock absorbing, thermal insulated, waterproof, tamper evident, with a full jacket sanitary coating.

It's RFID invisible, fully recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

It's ISPM-15 compliant.

It's the ideal shipping solution for today's air cargo challenges.

Unlike heavy, dirty wood pallets with sharp nails and splinters, AIRDEX has a perfect safety record, with no cargo damage or injuries to any users in over a million shipments.

We don't need to cut down a forest to make our pallets, and their ultra light weight means tremendous fuel savings, so they will pay for themselves in a single use, guaranteed.

Check out our photo gallery to see some applications or just contact us right now to learn more and find out about how our Free Pallet Program works for you.

Rackable Pallets

Rackable Pallets

The solution for all of your warehousing and shipping needs. Switch to AIRDEX Pallets today! Read more...